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Introducing Play! NANOO SDK

Global Service SDK with essential features for self-publishing

All features built in one SDK!

For the game/app developers targeting the global market, use our SDK to integrate Forum, Help Desk, Receipt Validation, Inbox, Coupons, Cloud Data, and Leaderboards.


Use only the features you need!

There is no need to create from scratch. Just quickly integrate and use the server-based features. You only get charged for the features and the amount used.


Proven usability in the global environment!

Developed, tested and used daily by us to serve the global users, the integrated SDK offers usability and reliability with all the know-how built in.

To download or access console for Play! NANOO SDK  Click Here!

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We do publishing by targeting the global market with high quality and unique mobile games. Quality games are sourced, then improvements are made through our polishing process. We've proven the success of the process with our games being downloaded over 20 million times. Our major projects include 'Dark Sword', 'Cosmo Race', 'Merge Star', and ''.

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Opportunities are available with self-publishing, or as a publishing partner.