Self-publishing tool for game/app developers

Things you can do with Play! NANOO

Simply integrate without building a server and publish globally on your own


Manage and operate online forums. Communicate with gamers in an independent forum environment. Integrating Inboxes enables direct gifting of items to users.

Help Desk

Professional user support system for global service. Provide users with FAQ and game/app support with our management services. Integrating Inbox enables sending items to users directly.


Provide services by linking email, Facebook, Google, and Apple IDs.

Receipt Validation

Prevent faulty or fraudulent payments with this essential feature. See real-time game/app revenue and stats on PC or mobile.


Issue and manage game/app items from the server. Generate large number of items for activities in event promotion, forum, or help desk.

Cloud Data

Enable users to save or load data from the cloud. Users can manage their data by transferring their own game/app use activity and data.


Manage data saves that are used for a limited time period such as player session authentication and real-time data analysis.


See Total Ranking, Season Ranking or Ranking by Country in real-time with data from the server. Motivate users to play by promoting competition in ranking.


Send different types of rewards by sharing custom-made invitations between players.


Add friends to cooperate, compete, and gift rewards.

Cloud Code

Create a more secure service by using script tools that can be run on servers.


Game economy, virtual currency and forgery prevention service


Generate and authenticate coupon codes from the server. Generate a single-use or mass coupons. Check on coupon activity to effectively manage and see coupon uses by the users.


Provides real-time message service


Player grouping service


Remote application control services.

Push Notification

Application notification message push service

Game Logs

Custom game log service

Event Logs

Record activities generated on the client side.

SDK Support

Features needed for iOS/Android are consistently being developed and upgraded.

Integration Guide

Guide for Integrating Play! NANOO SDK is provided. Integrate and use features needed quickly.

To download or access the Play! NANOO SDK console,  Click Here!

Play! NANOO Price Plans

Upon signup, payment will be charged automatically every month to the registered payment method.

Dev / Free


$14.99 / Month


$29.99 / Month


$99.99 / Month


$299.99 / Month
Price Details
Free API Calls 500,000 API Calls 1,000,000 API Calls 5,000,000 API Calls 10,000,000 API Calls 30,000,000 API Calls
Additional API Calls $15 / per 1M API Calls $13 / per 1M API Calls $12 / per 1M API Calls $11.5 / per 1M API Calls $11 / per 1M API Calls
Additional admin account
Accounts count Max 2 accounts Max 5 accounts Max 10 accounts Unlimit Unlimit
API Call Details
Basic 1 API Call
Clode Code 1 API Call / per 10 API Calls
Game Logs 1 API Call / per 10 API Calls
Chat 1 API Call / per 100 Received Messages
Push Notification 1 API Call / per 1,000 Send Messages
Forum 1 API Call / per 10 Page Views
Help Desk
Disk Capacity
Price 1GB / Free Monthly
$1 / per 1GB
  • The default data size per API call is 8KB. (Call data size 24KB / 8KB = 3 API Calls)
  • The above rate table is effective from April 1, 2023.

Our Service Q&A

Q. How are database charges calculated?

There is no database usage fee. You just need to check the API call.

Q. What happens when the free API calls are exhausted?

Exceeding the amount of free API calls provided will incur additional charges in increments of 1 million.

Q. How are Cloud Code calls calculated?

Cloud Code is processed as 1 API call per 10 API Calls.

Q. How do I change my plan?

Select the plan that suits your project in the console payment.

Q. Can I change my plan while using the service?

Yes. Subject to change. The plan can be flexibly changed according to the purpose of the project. However, changes cannot be made within 30 days of changing the rate plan.

Q. Is there a fee for registering an additional operator?

No. There are no additional fees incurred when registering an additional operator. The same applies to basic services, Forums, and Help Desk.

Q. Is it possible to check service usage?

Yes. Available. You can check the API usage and estimated amount on the Playnaoo console.

Q. What is the disk capacity?

Disk capacity is the amount of data storage used by the game. This is the data size of all players recorded in Playnau, such as data management and mailboxes.

Q. Are there any charges for adding projects?

No. There is no charge until the project is registered and API calls are made.

Q. Do I need to indicate a service license for Dev / Free use?

No. PlayNANOO does not require any license indication.

Q. Is it possible to provide technical support for functions not provided by PlayNANOO?

Yes. Available. Play Nanu is expanding its services with developers. If you have any additional features or inquiries, please feel free to contact the help desk