Self-publishing tool for game/app developers

Things you can do with Play! NANOO

Simply integrate without building a server and publish globally on your own


Manage and operate online forums. Communicate with gamers in an independent forum environment. Integrating Inboxes enables direct gifting of items to users.

Help Desk

Professional user support system for global service. Provide users with FAQ and game/app support with our management services. Integrating Inbox enables sending items to users directly.


Provide services by linking email, Facebook, Google, and Apple IDs.

Receipt Validation

Prevent faulty or fraudulent payments with this essential feature. See real-time game/app revenue and stats on PC or mobile.


Issue and manage game/app items from the server. Generate large number of items for activities in event promotion, forum, or help desk.

Cloud Data

Enable users to save or load data from the cloud. Users can manage their data by transferring their own game/app use activity and data.


Manage data saves that are used for a limited time period such as player session authentication and real-time data analysis.


See Total Ranking, Season Ranking or Ranking by Country in real-time with data from the server. Motivate users to play by promoting competition in ranking.


Send different types of rewards by sharing custom-made invitations between players.


Add friends to cooperate, compete, and gift rewards.

Cloud Code

Create a more secure service by using script tools that can be run on servers.


Game economy, virtual currency and forgery prevention service


Generate and authenticate coupon codes from the server. Generate a single-use or mass coupons. Check on coupon activity to effectively manage and see coupon uses by the users.


Provides real-time message service

Event Logs

Record activities generated on the client side.

SDK Support

Features needed for iOS/Android are consistently being developed and upgraded. Play! NANOO SDK will always be maintained for the future.

Integration Guide

Guide for Integrating Play! NANOO SDK is provided. Integrate and use features needed quickly.

To download or access the Play! NANOO SDK console,  Click Here!

Play! NANOO Price Plans

Upon signup, payment will be charged automatically every month to the registered payment method.
Basic monthly fee of 1 USD will be charged upon adding a game/app. (The basic 1 USD will not be charged until after the free 1 year period on signup.)

Basic monthly fee of 1 USD will be charged upon adding a game/app. (Payment will not be charged until the end of the free 1-year period on signup.)

Forum Cost


  • 1 App
  • Less than 5,000 MAU
  • No support for custom logo
  • -


$150/ month
  • 1 App
  • 5,000 to 100,000 MAU
  • No support for custom logo
  • -


$450/ month
  • 1 App
  • 100,000 to 250,000 MAU
  • Custom logo supported
  • -


$1,000/ month
  • 1 App
  • Unlimited MAU
  • Custom logo supported
  • -
*Price plan will be automatically upgraded when the given threshold is exceeded.

Help Desk Cost

  • Unlimited Ticketing
  • Web & Mobile In-app Helpdesk
  • Role & Permission Assignment
  • FAQ & Canned Responses
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Email Address
  • Ticket Trend Report
  • In-app Integration
  • Mobile SDK Integration
  • Reward Service Integration
60% Off Event
$19.99 /Agent/Month Free 1-month Trial

Chat Cost

Type Support Cost Etc
Free 100 CCU Free
  • Free daily CCU reset
  • 100 GB / Month Network Traffic
Pay 101 CCU ~ 2,000 CCU $5 / Day
  • 2TB GB/Month Network Traffic
Surcharge Over 2,000 CCU CCU $0.003 / Day -
Network Traffic Over 2TB $0.08 / GB -

Service Call Cost

  Cost Description and price examples Provided for Free
Accounts $0.00004 / 1 Call 10,000 calls = $0.40 50,000 Call/month
Receipt Validation $0.00004 / 1 Call 10,000 calls = $0.40 5,000 calls/month
Coupon $0.00006 / 1 Call 10,000 calls = $0.60 50,000 calls/month
Inbox $0.00006 / 1 Call 10,000 calls = $0.60 50,000 calls/month
Cloud Data $0.00008 / 1 Call
(Less than 4 KB data = 1 call)
1 call = maximum of 4 KB data (e.g. 8 KB data = 2 calls)
10,000 calls = $0.80
50,000 calls/month
Cache $0.00004 / 1 Call 1 call = maximum of 4 KB data
10,000 calls = $0.40
50,000 calls/month
Leaderboards $0.00008 / 1 Call
(Less than 4 KB data = 1 call)
Maximum of 4 KB can be used per 1 call (e.g. 8 KB data = 2 calls)
10,000 calls = $0.80
50,000 calls/month
Friends $0.00006 / 1 Call 10,000 calls = $0.60 50,000 calls/month
Invite $0.0005 / 1 Active User 10K Active Users = $50 100 Active Users/month
Currency $0.00002 / 1 Call 10,000 calls = $0.20 50,000 calls/month
Cloud Code $0.000005 / 1 Call 1,000K Active Users = $5 500,000 calls/month
Event Log $0.000005 / 1 Call 1,000K Active Users = $5 500,000 calls/month
* Upon signup, payment will be charged automatically each month.

Our Service Q&A

Q. Why should I use Play! NANOO SDK?

Mobile Game/App services require content development as well as a variety of support. It may take a lot of time and manpower to develop all of the required features. Using Play! NANOO SDK conveniently enables the use of all or some of the features needed.

Q. How reliable is your service?

Used by us for our game services, the service features have been developed and polished over time. With a total of over 17 million games that have used the SDK, we are confident in its performance and stability with Amazon servers being used for backends.

Q. $1 has been charged on my account.

$1 is charged to each game/app upon registration. This is to prevent unnecessary data accumulation on Play! NANOO server. However, this basic fee will be waived for 1 year after signing up.

Q. Can I try out the service for free before implementing the SDK?

Definitely. Simply go to the console site and create an account. After the account has been approved, the service features can be previewed on the console site by registering the Game/App. To service the Game/App, a credit card must be registered. Please be aware that without a registered credit card, the registered information of Game/App of the account will be deleted after a week.

Q. How is service cost calculated?

Price cost will be based on MAU of Forum and User Support. If multiple admins use the same account, Seats will need to be added per account. The cost of Receipt Validation, Coupons, Inbox, Cloud Data and Ranking service will be based on the number of API Calls made. The usage amount fees for using the service can be viewed in in the management page.

Q. I would like to implement Play! NANOO SDK on not one, but multiple Games/Apps.

Please contact us if you would be using the SDK on multiple games/apps at an enterprise level.